Causes of a Bad Credit Score and Why You Should Acquire Credit Repair Services

Acquiring credit repair services can help you fix your bad credit score. Why is keeping a good credit score necessary? Having a bad credit score leads to various misfortunes in your life. It could ultimately lead you to be a homeless person. Your credit score tells creditors whether or not they should lend you money, a house, or a car. Not only that. These days, companies from financial and government industries will take a look at your credit history. They will base their decision on hiring you on your credit report.

While there are ways to fix your credit score on your own, there is nothing like seeking credit repair services from professionals who know what to do to fix your credit score. These people have a better understanding of how credit scores work and to manipulate their system to have a high credit score. To get an insight into why you have a low credit score, here are the reasons why.

Past Due Accounts

Your late payments contribute to your low credit score by 35 percent – which is a huge factor. To keep your credit score from getting lower, avoid paying your bills late. Remember that your late payments are shown in your credit report. Your credit report indicates how responsible you are as a payer.

Not Paying Your Bills at All

Defaulting on credit card bills will assure you to have a very poor credit score. It could lead you to have a charge-off item in your credit report. Some people misunderstand this term. They think that they are free from having to pay for the debt. A charge off happens when a creditor has failed to get a payment from you and has given up.

If you haven’t paid what you owe for more than 180 days, a creditor will declare a charge-off on your account. They will then turn over the task of acquiring payment from you to a third-party debt collections agency. If you have a charge-off item in your credit report, then seeking credit repair services might be the best thing to do next.

 Collection Accounts

As mentioned above, creditors will hire a debt collections agency to try and get the payment from you. Debt collectors are known to be a lot more persistent with getting the payment from you. If you have collection accounts on your credit report, then a very poor credit score is assured.

Getting Judgements

This is the final resort of a creditor or a collector to try and get a payment from you. You have not been paying your debt for so long that your creditors had to involve the court. This is 100 percent, a very effective way of getting a very bad credit score. You do not want this to reflect on your credit history. A judgment can stay on your record for seven long years. If you have this on your credit record, then you might as well say goodbye to more credit lines, loans, and mortgages for at least 7 years.

Getting Professional Help

If you think cleaning up your credit record is too tough to do on your own, companies that offer credit repair services are not only there to help you clean your credit record, but they are also consultants who can help you better understand how credit works. Bluewatercredit is a company that can help you. With vast knowledge about credit, you can count on them to fix your credit score and keep it as high as possible. Visit to learn more.